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About Allison

Allison Weiss is a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Lactation Educator with over a decade of experience helping babies and children thrive. She has worked in the hospital inpatient and outpatient clinic settings at world renown hospitals including UCLA and Miller Children's Hospital as well as in private practice. Allison uses her broad range of experience to identify and treat her clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach in order to provide the best care.

Allison graduated from U.C. Davis with a Bachelor's of Science in Human Development and completed her Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy at Washington University in St. Louis.


Allison lives an active lifestyle and appreciates the beautiful Southern California weather. In her free time she enjoys swimming, hiking and yoga.  

Allison is a mom of 2 young children and has been humbled and grown tremendously as a clinician during the journey of motherhood. 

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