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Professional & Skilled Occupational Therapist With A Loving Approach

Specializing In Pediatric Occupational Therapy 
Feeding Therapy | Developmental Delay | Sensory Processing & Behavior
Oral Motor Therapy | Pre-Post Frenectomy Therapy

I provide skilled interventions to help babies and children who struggle with feeding, motor skills, sensory processing and developmental delays.


As an Occupational Therapist, I have a background in anatomy and physiology, neurobiology, infant and child development and task analysis. We define 'Occupation' as meaningful activities that occupy one's time- for babies this is play, feeding, sleep; for children, examples of occupations include play, school, sports, dressing and feeding.


I utilize a holistic approach based in play to assist babies and children complete their 'occupations' with independence and joy.

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In Home and Office Occupational Therapy Serving Orange County
Virtual Sessions throughout California

Occupational Therapy

Evaluations & Treatment Sessions

Initial Evaluation

Complete a comprehensive review of the medical and developmental history, identify concerns, perform standardized assessments and evaluate the current areas of difficulty. We then set goals for treatments


Home Visit Evaluation    $250 

Office Visit Evaluation    $200

Virtual Evaluation           $135

Treatment sessions

 Treatments are play based and cover areas of need. This may be initiating and reviewing exercises to improve a specific skill, educating families on ideas of activities to complete at home or practicing a specific task to help meet our goals. Treatment sessions are always catered to the individual client and are followed with an email summarizing the session with a home program component. 

Home Visit Treatment.    $200

Office Visit Treatment.    $150

Virtual Treatment             $100

Workshops and Caregiver Education Sessions

Tummy Time Workshop - Group

In Person or Virtual - 30 minutes. Trouble shoot tummy time and get hands on tips and tricks to optimize success and minimize stress


In Person - $35

Newborn OT Check Up  

In Person or Virtual - 60 minutes.  Review developmental concerns. Learn about optimal positioning and handling to facilitate development. Discuss oral motor skills and infant feeding. Explore sensory processing and learn to help your baby with calming input and organizing activities and movements.  


In Person Home Visit - $150 

In Person Office Visit -$100

Virtual - $75 

Intro To Solids Consult 

In Person or Virtual - 60 minutes. Discuss options for feeding your baby. Review recommended utensils and meal time environment. Identify oral motor skills and areas of concern. Participate in a feeding session together (as appropriate). 

In Person Home Visit - $150

In Person Office Visit -$100

Virtual - $75

Preschool OT Screenings, Teacher In-services and

On Site Care

Preschool Screenings 

Arrange for Allison to come and do screenings at your preschool. Screenings are 15 minutes and assess your child's fine/gross/visual motor skills, sensory processing. Please reach out to set this up 

Teacher Inservices

Allison is available to come to your school and talk to the staff about various OT topics including - sensory processing, fine and gross motor development, visual motor activities and feeding/picky eating. Please reach out to set this up 

Onsite Therapy

Allison currently works at different local preschools to offer her clients access to OT services while they are at school. This allows parents the convenience to receive OT services without having to worry about driving to another appointment and facilitates close relationships with the teachers. Please reach out if you are interested in having Allison work with your child at their school. 

Cups and Straws Consult

In Person or Virtual - 30 minutes. Discuss options for transitioning your baby from breast or bottle. Learn simple and effective ways and utensils to succeed with straw and open cup drinking. 

feeding your baby. 

In Person Home Visit - $100 

In Person Office Visit -$75

Virtual - $50  

Mini Motor Milestone Consult 

In Person or Virtual - 30 minutes 

Discuss strategies to get your baby to his/her next milestone - Rolling, Sitting, Crawling - if you're anxious about your baby's motor skills and want to check in to discuss this is a perfect opportunity  

In Person Home Visit - $100 

In Person Office Visit -$75

Virtual - $50  


How Can We Help?

Populations of clients we serve and what challenges OT can work on

For Infants

  • Pre-Post Frenectomy Oral Motor Therapy

  • Breast and Bottle Feeding

  • Bottle Refusal

  • Tummy Time

  • Infant Positioning and Handling

  • Torticollis and Plagiocephaly Prevention and Treatment

  • Parent Education and Ergonomics 

  • Sensory Processing and Colic Management Strategies

  • Feeding and Baby led weaning, Introduction to Solids

  • Gross and Fine Motor Development and Strengthening 

Mother and Baby on Floor
Juicy Bite

For Toddlers

  • Feeding and Oral Motor Skill Assessment and Treatment 

  • Meal Time Routine and Picky Eating 

  • Sensory Processing to address difficulties with self regulation, attention, behavior

  • Motor Planning and Praxis to improve participation in play with peers and exploration of natural environments

  • Fine/Gross/Visual Motor Skills for: 

    • ​Pre-writing and reading

    • Age appropriate play and exploration

    • Participation in daily activities such as getting dressed, using utensils, opening containers, navigating new environments

For Children


  • Meal Time Strategies and behavior

  • Picky Eating - expansion of food repertoire 

  • Oral Motor assessment and treatment

Sensory Processing 

  • Assessment and treatment to help with help with self regulation, attention, tolerance and participation for daily activities 

Fine and Visual Motor skills 

  • Reading

  • Handwriting 

  • Dressing

  • Self feeding and meal preparation

Gross and Sensory Motor and Praxis

  • Sports and playground play  

  • Navigating new environments 

  • Participation in new activities

Young Painter
Mother and a Child

For Parents

  • Coaching and modeling for age appropriate play and developmental activities 

  • Education and support regarding plan of care, interventions, home program 

  • Community resources to help find support and connect with other parents going through similar experiences

  • Hands on demonstrations and training for relevant exercises and positioning strategies 

  • Relatable and empathetic advice to maximize growth and potential during and after OT

Tummy Time Workshop

  • Meets Every Monday

  • Ages 0-5 months

  • 30 minutes with maximum two babies and Allison 

  • Interactive, intimate workshop  

  • Hands on tips and tricks to increase participation and success with Tummy Time 

  • Education and demonstration of various strategies to work on strengthening, coordination and sensory integration 

  • Opportunities for questions and discussion on developmental milestones, feeding and age appropriate toys and activities 

  • $35 per baby 

Cute Baby Crawling

About Allison Weiss, MS, OTR/L, SWC

IMG_1327 (2).jpg

I’m Allison, a Pediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Lactation Educator with over a decade of experience helping babies and children thrive.

My work is focused on supporting babies and children who struggle with feeding, motor skills, sensory processing, and developmental delays. I view myself as a partner and collaborator with parents and families to work on the root of the issues that are challenging. Together we determine appropriate goals and work together to get great results, meet goals and feel empowered to carry forward recommendations. My intention is to provide comprehensive and skilled care to children to foster success and increase their participation in all areas that are meaningful to them.  

I have over 10 years of experience treating children and babies. I’ve worked in the hospital inpatient and outpatient clinic settings at world renown hospitals including UCLA and Miller Children's Hospital as well as in private practice. I have worked with hundreds of babies and children throughout my career and love learning from each one. Every child is unique, every family has a different story.

As a clinician I employ a client centered approach when evaluating and treating to make sure that what we work on is specific and helpful to each individual client. I use my broad range of experience to identify and treat my clients with a comprehensive and holistic approach in order to provide the best care.

I live an active lifestyle and appreciate the beautiful Southern California weather. In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking and spending time with family and friends. As a mom of 3 young children I’ve been humbled and grown tremendously as a clinician during the journey of motherhood. Being a parent is hard work - I am able to relate to my clients and the hardships they face while experiencing the challenges and joys of motherhood myself. 



Master's of Science in Occupational Therapy, Washington University in St. Louis.

Advanced Practice, Feeding and Swallowing, State of California

Certified Lactation Educator

Bachelor's of Science in Human Development, U.C. Davis

Basic Life Support, BLS - 2022, American Heart Association

Testimonials from Clients

"Words cannot express my gratitude for how much Allison helped my daughter.  Our daughter was born very small and struggled with eating and weight gain.  Allison worked with her both before and after her lip and tongue tie procedure to strengthen her mouth and tongue and taught her to take a bottle as well as drink from a straw cup.  Allison has been invaluable to our daughter’s progress, and we are forever grateful.  Allison is not only phenomenal at what she does but she has such a calming, supportive presence.  Our daughter lights up when she has her weekly session with Allison"

- Amber K

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Occupational Therapy (OT)?

Occupational Therapy (OT) provides skilled intervention to help babies and children who struggle with feeding, motor skills, sensory processing and developmental delays. We define an 'Occupation' as meaningful activities that occupy one's time - for babies this is play, feeding, sleep. For children, examples of occupations include play, school, sports, dressing and feeding. 


Occupational Therapists have a background in anatomy and physiology, neurobiology, infant and child development and task analysis. We utilize a holistic approach based in play to assist clients to complete their 'occupations' with independence and joy.

Who can benefit from OT?
  • New parents who are anxious about meeting developmental milestones like rolling, sitting and crawling.

  • Parents of a baby who is struggling with breast or bottle feeding, oral motor coordination or are working through already diagnosed tethered oral tissues (tongue/lip ties).

  • Babies who hate tummy time or seem to prefer looking to one side more than the other.

  • Parents looking for support as you introduce solids to your new baby.

  • Older babies or toddlers who are struggling or causing stress to the family or caregivers during mealtimes, or babies/toddlers/children who are a ‘picky eater’ and only eat a limited amount or types of foods.

  • Toddlers or young children who are struggling to meet developmental milestones or seem behind in fine/gross/visual motor skills and can’t do things like: throw/catch a ball, navigate new play equipment, hold feeding or writing utensils, copy or produce age appropriate shapes or letters, have a hard time using two hands together or seem more clumsy than the average child.

  • Toddlers or young children who struggle to tolerate daily activities like brushing teeth, getting dressed (bothered by various textures of clothing), loud noises or unexpected variations in their day.

What is working with an OT like?

​Our first session would be a one hour evaluation to determine your child’s areas of needs and goals. During an evaluation a comprehensive history is taken, the child’s motor skills are examined as well as functional assessments to see how he/she performs daily activities. An oral exam may be performed to determine any anatomical abnormalities and identify areas of need with oral motor skills. We utilize standardized assessments when appropriate. We would create a treatment plan incorporating a holistic approach that considers musculoskeletal, sensory, motor and visual systems.  After the evaluation, each treatment session is engaging, play based and incorporates evidence based strategies to meet the goals set forth during the evaluation. 

Do you come to my house or do we meet you somewhere?

I provide in-home therapy services as well as office visits located in Laguna Hills.  If you aren’t sure which option is best for you, I can help guide you to the best location for your child. Virtual sessions are also offered for clients who live in California. 

What is your pricing?

In Home:

Evaluation (60 minutes) - $250* 

Follow up treatments (60 minutes) - $200* 

*Subject to travel fee depending on area

In Office: 

Evaluation (60 minutes) - $199 

Follow up treatments (60 minutes) - $150

Location: 25255 Cabot Rd Suite 108, Laguna Hills, CA 92653


Evaluation (60 minutes) - $135 

Follow up treatments (60 minutes) - $100

Do you accept insurance?

I do not accept insurance, but I offer a superbill that clients can submit for reimbursement.

How do I know if working with you is the right choice for my child?

Let’s find out! I offer a free 10 minute screening call to determine if we are the right fit for each other. Contact me to schedule a consultation.

Child Playing

Contact Allison

​Get in touch to schedule a free consultation for your child’s occupational therapy. 

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